Model Villages

Village # 01, District Shikarpur -Every Child Counts – Every House Matters- All Children Learning


Village: Mehmood Panhwar (distance from Shikarpur city 21 km)
 Union Council: Mehmood Bagh, Taluka/sub-district Khanpur, District Shikarpur

No. of House Holds in village :  300+

Castes/Ethnic Groups: Panhwar

Surrounding villages:  5 other villages are in 1 km vicinity.  (1) Azeem Panhwar, (2) Haleem Panwar, (3) Jaffar Panhwar, (4) Alam-din-Panhwar, (5) Kukra villages.

Facilities: 03 Mosques, Small shops, Drainage fully damaged, 01 BHU, 02 primary Schools & 1 middle schools –Teachers very irregular- Middle School only 1 out of 3 teachers turns up!

Total Enrollment in both schools = 204 (142 & 62)  Boys 98, Girls 44 = 142

Estimated Out of school children: 150+

Presence of CWDs too- 18+ mostly Congenital hand deformity (Physical)- needs deeper probe

Female Literacy/Enrolment :  A major challenge in the village

Nearby Govt. School in Kukra 1 km  closed since 10 years –can be made operational by SELD
Disability: Both in-school and out of school children (to be investigated in depth with the longer CFM tool)

Village # 02, District Ghotki -Every Child Counts - Every House Matters- All Children Learning


Village:  Mathelo Momal Ji Mari, UC: Beriri, Taluka & District Ghotki

Heritage site:  Distance from Ghotki  8 kilometers 

(Momal a unique beautiful bold princess and ruler )  500 A.D 

No. of House Holds in village:  300 to 350

Castes/Ethnic Groups: Sayed, Bhutta, Shaikh, Marwari


Surrounding villages: 16 villages in 1 km vicinity


(1) Arabab Kaladi (2) Allah Dino Kaladi (3) M.Mureed Kaladi (4) Ghulam Mohammad (5) Kaladi (6) Budho Jhatiyal (7) Manjhi Mahar (8) Waloo Mahar (9) Peerzada Rang Ali Shah (10) Beriri (11) Bhanjro (12) Ghuriyo Mahar (13) Mevo Mahar (14) Lesori Mahar (15) Rais Mohammad Phulphoto (16) Punho Waseer


Facilities: Mosques, Temple, Shops, Historical Place  500-600 AD, 01 BHU, One Cluster school (w. 2 primary Schools) Girls up to Middle only In a boys school (50)


Total Enrollment in schools: 1070 (Boys 853 & Girls 217)

Estimated Out of School Children : 280 (perhaps more and more girls) In a village known for a woman ruler this situation must be reversed fast with mobilization and right messaging-  Girls education a major challenge