Meet Naseebo, a 14-year-old girl from Ghotki. She was a bright and enthusiastic student who attended GGPS Jam Mehrab Samijo school. However, Naseebo had to confront what most adolescent girls face: a common yet unspoken phenomenon —menstruation.


When she began menstruating at the age of 13, she found herself unable to attend her classes regularly at school. Like many girls in her situation, she lacked access to proper menstrual hygiene products and was often left feeling embarrassed and worried about leakage issues.


In response to the monstrous floods that struck Sindh, ITA initiated the “Recovery for Foundational Learning” program. As part of Intervention I of this program, ITA distributed dignity kits to the adolescent girls in the village. These kits were carefully designed to include reusable pads, washable panties, and washing powder, all neatly packed in a pouch. Alongside the distribution of these kits, ITA conducted awareness sessions about menstruation, eliminating myths and misconceptions and providing crucial information to the girls.


Naseebo was among the fortunate girls who received one of these dignity kits. The impact on her life was significant. With the reusable pads and washable panties, Naseebo was no longer held back by the fear of leakage during her periods. Her newfound confidence allowed her to attend school without hesitation.


Naseebo became an inspiration for other girls in her village. They too began to see menstruation as a natural part of growing up and embraced their womanhood with newfound confidence. With access to these essential menstrual hygiene products and knowledge, the girls of GGPS Jam Mehrab Samijo and other schools embarked on a journey of learning, growth, and empowerment.