Wazeer’s journey began in the depths of poverty, where his family struggled to make ends meet. Filled with self-doubt, Wazeer refrained from participating in class activities, fearing the ridicule of his classmates due to his impoverished background. This fear forced him to retreat to the back of the classroom, isolating himself.
However, tragedy struck when a devastating flood swept through Wazeer’s village, leaving his family with nothing but clothes on their backs. Alongside the loss of their belongings, the education system in their area was severely affected, compounding Wazeer’s struggle with learning losses.

In a beacon of hope, Wazeer was enrolled in cohort 3, batch 1 of the Chalo Parho Barho (CPB) Camp, an intervention facilitated by Idara Taleem o Agahi (ITA) as part of the FCDO’s initiatives. Upon joining GBLS Haji Moloodi School in his district, Wazeer was not only provided with a back-to-school and hygiene kit, including essentials like a uniform, bag, lunch box, stationery, and stationery pouch, but he also experienced a resurgence of confidence.

Recognizing Wazeer’s potential, Rizwana, his dedicated para teacher, took swift action. She noticed his reticence and shyness in the classroom and decided to seat him in the front row, granting him ample opportunities to participate in each lecture. Despite Wazeer’s initial confusion and feeling lost, Rizwana made it her mission to restore his confidence and eliminate his fear of failure.
Wazeer’s early attempts at answering questions were riddled with errors, as he struggled with even basic letter and number recognition. Nevertheless, Rizwana created an inclusive and nurturing environment within the CPB Camp, assuring Wazeer that it was a safe space where he could contribute, even if his answers were incorrect. This assurance instilled a newfound sense of confidence within Wazeer, igniting his interest in classroom activities.

Rizwana also introduced interactive and engaging teaching methods, incorporating fun games into the learning process. Wazeer’s favorite activity became the daily Stella Ella Ola clap game, where they recited tables or performed addition and subtraction while passing the clap. Through these interactive sessions, Wazeer began to flourish, gaining not only knowledge but also friendship and camaraderie. From being an isolated and timid student with poor grades and no letter recognition, Wazeer transformed into a respected member of his class. He now proudly serves as the class representative, responsible for organizing activities and leading the assembly. The entire class has grown fond of Wazeer, not only because he can recognize letters but also because he can write his name in both English and Sindhi, exhibits fluency in math, and reads and writes Sindhi with ease. 

Wazeer’s para teacher expressed confidence that he will perform well in the upcoming midline assessment, and she envisions him rejoining his classmates in grade 6 after the summer vacation. His journey from a marginalized and struggling student to an empowered and confident learner exemplifies the transformative impact of ITA’s intervention under the FCDO’s umbrella.