Nadia caught our eyes when it was really hot in Shikarpur and Nadia stood there strong reading loudly for her whole class, with sweat dripping down
her face. Intrigued by her tenacity, we thought to uncover Nadia’s remarkable
transformation. The para-teacher revealed that when Nadia first joined the
Chalo Parho Barho or Teaching at the Right Level (TARL) Camp, as a part of
Cohort I Batch I, she was a 4th grader, who struggled to recognize even the
simplest of words. However, through sheer perseverance and unwavering
commitment, she emerged as one of the top performers in her class, having
achieved an impressive level 3 proficiency in reading and writing sentences.
Eager to witness Nadia’s progress firsthand, we tasked her with reading,
writing, and crafting sentences and stories. To our delight, she effortlessly
completed each assigned task, leaving us astounded by her newfound
abilities. The teacher further informed us that Nadia’s performance had
exceeded all expectations during the midline assessment, and with the endline assessment on the horizon, her potential seemed limitless.
When we inquired about her favorite part of the day, Nadia’s face illuminated with joy. She recounted the exhilarating moments when her teacher led the class outdoors for floor activities. They would trace numbers, representing the answers to various mathematical questions, on the ground, and the students would leap onto the correct solutions. Additionally, the teacher would challenge them to write Sindhi
words starting from random letters, encouraging different students to form meaningful sentences.
Nadia revealed in these engaging activities, cherishing the interactive and immersive learning experiences they provided.
As we delved deeper into Nadia’s aspirations, a radiant smile spread across her face. When asked about her future dreams, she shared her fervent desire to become a teacher herself. At that moment, it became clear that Nadia’s journey was not only one of personal triumph but also a testament to the transformative power of education. Through her unwavering dedication and the unwavering support of
her para teacher, Ghulam Abbas Shah. Nadia had blossomed into a shining example of what is possible when determination meets opportunity.
We stand in awe of her indomitable spirit, forever inspired by her journey from a struggling beginner to a beacon of hope for countless others.
See where you can find Nadia’s Learning Evidence in this graph Grade 3, 4 and 5 Baseline and Endline Data – Nadia’s journey in 60 days from 9% to 67% for Literacy!