Bakhtawar is a young girl, who hails from a Syed family and belongs to the small rural town of Shikarpur. She is a student of class IV and studies at the Government School Kirri Nawaab khan.

When Bakhtawar reached puberty her parents refused to send her to school, considering being sent to school or sending her out of home was not appropriate since she had reached a certain age.

Upon her sudden absentia from school, the teachers got concerned and contacted the parents upon which they informed them\ of the decision that Bakhtawar will no longer be attending school and will stay home.

The teacher’s upon knowing this counseled the girl’s parents and educated them that “educating girls is important and girls who receive education lead healthy and productive lives”

Teachers placated the parents and accommodated their request and allowed Bakhtawar to come to school in Hijab and also permitted her to leave 15 minutes before the last school bell with her father.

The teacher’s timely action has made it possible for young, passionate Bakhtawar to attend school.

When asked what career choice she will be pursuing, she smiled and said she wanted to be a TEACHER!

The story of Bakhtawar is a tale of resilience, hope, and courage, she reinstates our belief that All dreams can come true we just need commitment and passion to achieve them in some cases, Also a teacher not only imparts knowledge but also act as a facilitator of enlightening the children and are the gifts of God who guide us towards success.