This is Atta ur Rehman from GBPS Yar Muhammad Chachar, located in Village Jamal New Jamalden Chachar. Atta ur Rehman’s father became disabled due to an accident, leaving Atta with no other option but to step out of the house and earn a living for his family. As the eldest among his siblings, he had to drop out of school when he was in grade 2.

One summer day during school hours, we found Atta riding his father’s donkey cart loaded with chopped rice bundles on the village dirt road.

Our child safeguarding officer spoke to Atta’s mother and convinced her to send Atta back to school.

She expressed her desire for Atta to attend school, but she also needed a breadwinner for the family to afford food and medicines for her husband. Our outreach officers held counseling sessions with the villagers and persuaded them to support Atta’s family until his father could get back on his feet.
Fortunately, the villagers agreed, and Atta was enrolled in the Chalo-Parho-Barho Camp due to his weak academic foundation.

Now, Atta attends school regularly, excelling not only as a bright student but also as the school prefect. His motivation to attend school and pursue an education was fueled by various factors, including the news that he would receive a new school bag, a new uniform, stationery, and other
essential materials. Without these items, he felt marginalized and deprived. These simple items played a significant role in boosting his motivation and enthusiasm for attending school.

Atta, when asked about his experiences, shared that he no longer finds numbers to be intimidating. In fact, he considers them to be his friends, and they have fun together through various floor activities.

Atta also expressed his fondness for numeracy activities that involve sticks, bundles, and play money. He happily exclaimed, “For example, when my mom asks me to go to the shop, I can now determine the correct change by counting the money.”  Atta’s mother added that he enjoys reciting poems for his younger siblings as lullaby.