In the heart of Ghotki, where dreams often succumbed to societal norms, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Rizwana, a 23 year old para-teacher at Chalo-Parho-Barho (CPB) camps at GBLS Haji Moloodi School. From a conservative family, Rizwana’s journey was fraught with obstacles that would
have shattered the dreams of many. But her determination and passion for education lit a fire within her that would change the lives of countless children forever.

Born with a brilliant mind, Rizwana had always aspired to become a doctor. Yet, the absence of colleges in her area seemed to thwart her dreams. Undeterred, her family arranged a van service to help her pursue higher education. Despite being the only girl traveling alone, she bravely faced
objections from her village. However, the strong-willed young woman refused to let their narrowmindedness dictate her choices.

But fate had other plans. Her village’s opposition grew, and her family eventually succumbed to pressure, asking her to abandon her college dreams to “save their faces.” Yet, Rizwana refused to be cowed by the circumstances. When her father sent her to her aunt’s place, she seized the opportunity
to complete her Bachelor’s in Science. Though the dream of becoming a doctor was left behind, her determination to uplift others took root.

However, Rizwana’s determination was unyielding. She thought of putting her degree to use and became a para-teacher at ITA’s CPB camp, determined to make a difference in the lives of local children. Her first day at the camp dawned with boundless enthusiasm, only to be dampened by the
disheartening sight of a handful of disinterested students. Low attendance threatened to sabotage her efforts. But Rizwana was not one to back down. She refused to let the children’s futures be jeopardized. 

Braving the challenges, she set out to meet parents personally, compelling them to recognize the significance of this learning opportunity during the vacations. Her sincerity and passion touched the hearts of some parents, who began sending their children to the camp.

With an innovative approach, Rizwana infused her classes with accelerated learning methods like TaRL and CAMAL, blending them with fun and interactive games that captured the hearts of young minds. Like wildfire, word of her transformative teaching style spread, and the camp experienced an
overwhelming surge in enrolment.

Regardless of weather conditions, Rizwana was a constant presence, her commitment unwavering. She treated each child as unique, customizing her teaching to cater to their individual needs. No child
was left behind, as she tailored study plans to ensure every student could grasp the concepts at their own pace.

As the days turned into weeks, the once-forlorn classroom transformed into a vibrant sanctuary of learning and laughter. Rizwana’s devotion and love for her students created an environment where dreams dared to take flight. Their faces illuminated with newfound knowledge, and their hearts filled
with gratitude for their extraordinary teacher.

Rizwana’s teaching methods were nothing short of magical. She introduced interactive and engaging activities, weaving fun games seamlessly into the learning process. One such beloved activity was the daily Stella Ella Ola clap game, where the children recited tables, performed addition and subtraction,
all while passing the clap around. This game became an instant favorite, and laughter echoed through the classroom as they learned together.

When we asked her students about their experiences, their eyes lit up with enthusiasm. They shared how the interactive sessions not only deepened their understanding of subjects but also fostered a sense of friendship and camaraderie. Rizwana not only nurtured their minds but also their hearts,
creating a supportive and caring environment where everyone felt valued.
Rizwana is no longer just a teacher to the children; she has become their mentor, a guiding light in their darkest moments. Her unwavering dedication to education fills their hearts with hope when all seems lost