We recently had the privilege of meeting an ordinary girl with extraordinary perseverance, Wafa, who not only triumphed over the devastating floods in Sindh but also embarked on an adventurous journey that would change her life forever.

As we entered the Mohammad Khan Bulliro School, we were captivated by the vibrant energy emanating from the classrooms. Among the students, our attention was drawn to a young girl with
sparkly eyes, eagerly raising her hand to answer a question on the board. With unwavering confidence, Wafa approached the board and penned the correct answer, filling the classroom with a sense of pride
and accomplishment.

Intrigued by her confidence and capabilities, we sought to understand the story behind her remarkable transformation. Wafa’s Para-Teacher, who had witnessed her incredible journey, shared the aweinspiring details of her progress. In the wake of the floods, most students, including Wafa, had experienced significant learning losses. Starting as a weak 4th grader, Wafa’s struggles with basic literacy and numeracy were evident.

However, things changed when Wafa enrolled in the Chalo Parho Barho (CPB) Camp – cohort 2, Batch 1. Guided by her dedicated Para-teacher and empowered by innovative techniques like Teaching at the
Right Level (TaRL), Wafa’s learning journey took a transformative turn. The camp introduced interactive activities, games, captivating poems, and custom-made materials designed to address her weaknesses effectively while allowing her to progress at her own pace.
One of Wafa’s favorite activities at the camp was a game that challenged her problem-solving skills. Her teacher drew a big circle with two smaller circles inside. The middle circle contained a number, and lines were drawn between the two smaller circles, creating boxes. Each box had a number written outside, indicating whether it should be subtracted or added to the number in the middle circle. Wafa and her classmates had to guess the number that, when added or subtracted, would yield the number written in the middle circle.
Through sheer determination and perseverance, Wafa’s reading skills flourished exponentially. 

Her word recognition and fluency improved, enabling her to construct sentences independently. She went from
struggling with number recognition to solving complex math problems with ease, elevating her proficiency from level 2 to level 3 in both Sindhi and Mathematics.
With the end-line assessment successfully completed, Wafa stands on the threshold of a new chapter in her academic journey. As August arrives, marking the commencement of the new session, she eagerly awaits the opportunity to join her classmates in the fifth grade. Wafa’s love for the Chalo Parho Barho camp comes as no surprise, as it offered a refreshing departure from traditional classes.

 The introduction of novel activities and the infusion of learning through play deeply resonated with her, making education an exciting and enjoyable experience.

As Wafa continues to thrive academically, her story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, resilience, and innovative educational approaches. Through her unwavering determination, Wafa has not only conquered the challenges brought by the floods but has also ignited a passion for learning thatwill guide her on a path to future success. With her extraordinary journey, she inspires countless others to embrace education as a transformative force and to face adversity with unwavering strength.