We met Miss Nayab, a very committed teacher at school in Shikarpur, school Kiri Nawab Khan. Miss Nayab has a disability in one of her legs and walks with difficulty. Regardless of the impediment, she is one very courageous young woman who works and lives independently.

She is a resident of a small village and despite her disability she comes daily and punctually to school walking. She believes that education is the most powerful key to empowering women in society and helps women to become independent and live the life they desire.

She is an inspiration for all the girls and colleagues not only in her school but in her village as well. Miss Nayab is a smart-happy-go-lucky individual and she is of the view that disability is nothing if a person has a passion to achieve something.

Her colleagues hold her in high esteem “she is an active faculty member and adds value to the educational journey of so many children who she teaches; she is an extraordinary human being and loves to teach with care and love”